Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Crowdtap Experiences

Should I say it again? I seriously <3 Crowdtap! I recently had the chance to shop for two different campaigns at Old Navy. I'm like most girls in the way that I love shopping. However, lately I have not had the cash to buy many items for my wardrobe. (Our family chooses to not charge anything that we can't turn right around and pay off, or we buy with cash. It is how we have maintained our debt-free status, with the exception of mortgages.)

The first shopping trip I got to enjoy was Spice Up Your Style in Old Navy Dresses this Fall. Let me tell you, I was stoked about this one! I recently became an Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories and have found a great need for dress clothes, of which I didn't have many. I wanted to look professional, but if I'm selling frugal $5 jewelry and accessories, I can't justify spending a tremendous amount on clothing to present the product, right? 

 Above are the three dresses I chose from. I had a really hard time deciding, as I liked them all.

The best part about Crowdtap is that I get to share with one or more friends each time I get one of these opportunities! I chose this lovely friend to go with me. We actually keep getting the same employee to take our picture. She knows our faces now!

This was my choice of dress. I feel that it is classy and modest. I don't have to worry about showing anything when I bend and the fit is flattering. I even have changed the belt out with different colored ribbons to accent the all-black piece. This is a frugal tip! I got two different colored ribbons locally and paid only about $2, and I purchased an entire spool of the one type. 

Oh, and I confess: I did go back and get the black shirtdress on the left of the first picture when I went shopping for the next Crowdtap opportunity. It was on clearance and I had a 20% off coupon, making it only $10!


The second campaign I participated in was Sweat It Out in Old Navy Activewear. I was also very excited about this opportunity as the last piece of exercise clothing I purchased was a pair of pants while I was pregnant with my first child. He's almost six years old. Those pants are baggy and not flattering at all. I've heard my friends talk about yoga pants and compression garments but hadn't been able to purchase any for myself. I tried on several different items, because I didn't know which two I would want to pick (the coupon was for a top and a bottom).

 My first try was a pair of Active capris. These were not compression material, but were very comfortable. 

Then I tried on a compression jacket. I fell in love with this. So comfortable, fitted enough to be flattering, and in a color that goes with most anything.

Then I tried on a pair of Active Compression pants. These are reversible to the all black side. These babies are SO comfortable. I figured they would look awful and hug everything the wrong way. I say I'm blessed with a genetic lack of posterior and these leggings do not fall down, even when worn all day. That is fantastic news for me! They're super comfortable for wearing all day, and I can't wait to wear them to walk my son to school (once the weather gets above freezing).

I chose my mom as my shopping buddy this time (isn't she lovely?) and we had fun together. These are the items we chose.

Thank you, Crowdtap and Old Navy for helping me to stock my closet with fun, comfortable, and flattering pieces!

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